Our Safaris, Tours and Transfers

At African Tusk Safaris, our tours have been created with extensive research, thought and attention to detail, to give you the best possible experience. Our tours have something for everyone - history, architecture, stunning natural sites, delicious fare for the foodies, photo ops for avid photographers and even shopping opportunities to purchase quality hand-made items for those who love a bit of retail therapy.

Our tours are for small groups, with a focus on comfort and personal attention. Guests are reminded that most of our destinations are subject to weather conditions and availability which are beyond our control, so stops may vary accordingly.

Magical Mozambique

Mozambique is a magical place, and her capital, Maputo, is an amazing city with an undeniable energy - a city with a rich history and a rich blend of cultures.  We offer one-day Maputo City tours, which are a veritable feast of history, architecture, food and culture. Also available is an overnight package tour into Mozambique. Read more...


Swaziland Tour

One of the smallest countries in Africa, landlocked Swaziland is a cultural immersion you will never forget! The Swazi people are known across the globe for their generous hospitality, and vibrant creativity and aside from many interesting natural and historical sites, guests can also purchase internationally renowned arts and crafts on the home-turf of very gifted artisans. Read more...

Kruger Park Safaris

Kruger National Park is incomparable. Arguably one of the world’s most popular wildlife destinations, Kruger Park never disappoints. Home to the iconic Big 5’s Lions, Leopards, Buffalo, Elephants and Rhino, this international treasure is about so much more than just seeing big game! Read more...



The Panorama Tour

The aptly named Panorama Tour will leave you spell-bound with its majestic mountains, stunning waterfalls and interesting history. Follow in the footsteps of ancient tribesmen, Voortrekkers and hopeful miners, in what can only be described as a breathtaking journey. Read more...

The Genesis Tour

The Genesis Route is an adventure of discovering mysteries... Mysteries of the earth, hidden for eons, are being uncovered here, with staggering evidence of ancient geographical events. Then there are the mysteries of hopeful miners and unscrupulous men, hidden in these ancient mountains and streams. Read more...


Chimp Eden/ Sudwala Caves Tour

Both these interesting destinations have one thing in common - preservation. Chimp Eden is actively working towards the preservation of Chimpanzees, while the Sudwala Caves, which are believed to be the world's oldest caves, are only open to visitors from around the world, because of successful preservation. Read more...


Let us take the stress out of travelling between the airport and your travel destinations. We offer transfers to and from several airports. We'll get you there safely and on time. Read more...


3 Countries in 8 Days on a Luxury Safari

3 Countries in 8 days - it’s the trip of a lifetime. Experience the essence of Africa on this luxury safari as you traverse ancient trade routes, scale the Panorama Route’s majestic mountainous views and waterfalls. Discover the history that shaped Africa as we know her today, as you immerse yourself in her natural beauty and wildlife... Read more...



  • Do I need a Visa to travel to Mozambique and Swaziland?

Mozambique requires international guests to have a Visa at a cost of $50-$80. Swaziland does not require additional entry Visas.

  • I have heard that travelling to African countries can be unsafe. Should I be worried about that?

Although many of our tours are to exciting African destinations, they have always, in our experience, been safe. Guests obviously need to be as proactive as they would be travelling anywhere else.

  • Are your guests covered by passenger liability when visiting cross-border destinations?

Yes, we are fully licensed, compliant and insured, and our guests are covered.

  • Do you cater for big groups?

No, the biggest groups in our closed vehicles are for 7 people. We believe in small groups for a more personal experience, however, we can accommodate bigger groups in multiple vehicles.

  • Are your tours suited for children?

While our tours may be enjoyed by older children, guests are advised to be mindful of the fact that our tours, by definition, involve significant periods in transit. This is not ideal for most children. *Our Maputo City tour is for adults only.

  • Do you offer OSV (open Safari Vehicle) Tours?

Yes, OSV tours into Kruger Park are available on (prior) request.

  • Where do you collect guests from?

At present, guests are collected from their places of accommodation in Marloth Park, Komatipoort, Hectorspruit and Malelane.

  • Are all your tours full-day excursions?

Yes, with the exception of our package (overnight) tours, all our trips are full-day.

  • Do you have WIFI on board your vehicles?

No, unfortunately, we are not able to offer WIFI on our vehicle.

  • What shall I bring?

We recommend that guests bring the following:

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Jacket
  • Walking Shoes(Closed)
  • Cameras
  • Adequate spending money – especially for Swaziland Tours.
  • Am I at risk of contracting Malaria?

All our destinations fall within Malaria Risk areas and guests are advised to seek preventative advice from their medical practitioners prior to travelling to Mpumalanga.