Splendid Swaziland


Our Canadian guests were well travelled and as we embarked
on our exploration of Swaziland, they expressed their desire for an authentic
cultural experience. Well, they had come to the right place, because despite
the fact that Swaziland is the smallest country in the world, this beautiful
destination that is still ruled by a king, is rich in culture!

Little traditional mud and reed huts dotted the countryside,
where fat Nguni cows and black and white goats roamed freely. Young boys played
in the red dirt with their home-made wire cars, with a happy abandon that is
sadly denied many children in the ‘civilized’ world.

The Swazi people are known for their hospitality and
creativity and naturally, the world-famous Ngwenya (meaning crocodile) glass
recycling factory was on our list of stops! After a delicious lunch there and
admiring the stunning glass art,  we took
a dirt road off the tourist route, and headed south through the mountains.

A Culture of Intentional Living

Next, our attention was drawn by a Sangoma (Traditional
Healer) shouting a chant from one of the hills. Dressed in a dark blue dress
adorned with animal skins, he was oblivious to us as he remained in his ceremony
of ancient origins.

As we continued, we encountered many small parties of brightly
dressed people walking back from church gatherings in the hills. A cultural
experience indeed, because here in this tiny country, the beautiful Swazi
people seem to have enhanced the art of living. Of taking the time to enjoy
fellowship, conversation and the pleasure of just being in the sunshine and
fresh air.

This is perhaps the true magic is Swaziland’s people – they
appreciate the value of connecting with people and creating beautiful things.
Needless to say, our guests had a wonderful day, and Swaziland proved yet
again, that she has the power to steal the hearts of the most seasoned