An early morning reward – Kruger Safari


You never forget your first time in Kruger, and the
excitement of my two guests was tangible as they made themselves comfortable in
the back of the Safari vehicle. This was their first visit to Africa – ever -
and I was delighted to share the place that I have loved for so many decades,
with them.

They were dressed for a warm summer’s day, but this morning
was chilly. Grateful for the blankets, they wrapped up snugly as we set out. Malelane
gate was a buzz of eager tourists trying to get into the Kruger as quickly as
possible to avoid missing out – after all, this is the world-renowned Kruger –
home of the BIG 5 and so much more!

A Remarkable

We took a dirt road and headed slowly northwards, eagerly scanning
the low dry scrub for any signs of the wildlife we anticipated seeing.  Just then, a grey blur appeared on the left!
I could not believe our good luck on this early morning....a young female Black

Seemingly not bothered by us at all, she continued to browse
on the fresh shoots spring had produced. My guests watched in silent awe, and I
confess, my heart was full… The survival of our Rhino is under serious threat
and  Kruger National Park has
considerably less Black Rhino than White. 
What a privilege it is to see these magnificent animals roaming wild and
free in their natural habitat.

Of course, there were many more delightful moments as the
day unfolded and the magnificent Kruger revealed some of her secrets to us. But
the beautiful Rhino who allowed us the joy of sharing her life for a short
while, stayed with us long after we left her. For my guests, it was perhaps a
once-in-a-lifetime experience, but as a seasoned guide and nature-lover,
exploring Kruger National Park never gets old. This is why I love what I do –
sharing often sacred moments in the wild with people who come from far to
experience the spirit of our beloved Africa, and she never disappoints.